Why I’m taking the MINI out of Christmas Sessions

Christmas Sessions | Taking the MINI out

With the change of seasons I’m not going to lie.. I get a little stressed out and sad.

I’m sad that the warm weather is leaving so quickly but I’m excited for my FAVOURITE Holiday, Christmas!

As a Photographer, I get a little stressed when I start to think about Christmas (and Christmas sessions) before Costco even does. (Although this year they had snowsuits out early July – so we may have been on the same page this year.)

I absolutely ADORE seeing my little clients and new client friends join me in the studio for fun sessions and treats.

Christmas Session Guelph

I’m not sure about you but I’m not a big fan of very short and quick sessions where you hope your kiddos show their best smile in 5 minutes, where it’s stressful getting out the door with everyone dressed/hair done and rushing to your 10 minute session appt and then waiting in the mall line.

Christmas Session Guelph

This is NOT what I want from a Christmas Session Experience.

So this year – I am taking the MINI out.

This year’s Christmas Sessions are longer, more relaxed and limited to 10 sessions only to ensure a proper Yellow Brick Road client experience.

The set will be different than (the 2016 set) pictured above. It will be more in line with my current style – organic, light and airy.

The sessions will take place Oct 15th and Oct 22nd and will be posted for Newsletter/Past clients first tomorrow/FRIDAY AUG 25th.

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Looking forward to Fun Christmas Sessions this year.

Looking for Family Christmas portraits? There are very limited October sessions remaining, email or call (519-841-8494) today to inquire: 

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