Fresh 48 Session McMaster Hospital | Nylah

For this beautiful Fresh 48 Session I travelled to McMaster Hospital in Hamilton for my final Newborn session of 2019. I was thrilled to finish the year with such an adorable session capturing sweet baby Nylah and her family!

Fresh 48 Hamilton

Once I arrived, I was greeted by mom Kate, and Dad, Steve along with older siblings Mason and Ivy. I was so overjoyed that this was the session they chose for me to meet them for the first time and capture their special moment welcoming their third child into the family!

I was witness to some absolutely beautiful family moments during this session.

Fresh 48 McMasterFresh 48 Session Newborn

When I first saw Kate, she was smiling, she was calm, at ease, relaxed, beautiful and so welcoming.

Siblings Mason and Ivy were beyond excited to show me their new sibling. Seeing these moments between young siblings is so precious and a joy to capture. When I saw Mason holding his youngest sister, I instantly saw their incredible bond and how good of a big brother he was going to be to both Ivy and Nylah.

Fresh 48 SessionFresh 48 Session

For these sessions in a hospital room with a larger family, I try to find an area for them all to sit, snuggle and get comfortable. I find that this keeps everyone at ease and relaxed. I truly enjoy the real moments and love to document candid moments for these sessions.

Once the family portraits are completed, I move onto sibling portraits. In this session, the moments when both Mason and Ivy were holding baby Nyah were so beautiful. You could see in their faces that they just wanted to love on her and watch all of her facial expressions! They also loved to poke and get nice and close to her (being gentle of course!). I’ve noticed second and third babies tend to be unaffected by the noise and bustle around them as they are used to it while in the womb. Nylah was no different, she was very relaxed and was taking everything in.

The moments when Mason and Ivy are looking into the bassinet are probably some of my favourite from this session and are really etched into my mind. The sweetness and curiosity is so pure in these moments. You can really see Ivy taking everything in and questioning if this new baby is coming home or staying at the hospital. I always find siblings under the age of four are quite inquisitive with “what happens to baby after we leave?”

Fresh 48 HamiltonFresh 48 Session

During Fresh 48 Sessions I love to capture baby in their original hospital blankets.

I find this makes these make the portraits unique to this specific time in baby’s life. I don’t like to focus too much on the hospital room but on the family and those moments shared in these first hours with baby.

I absolutely love seeing Dads hold their newborn baby. Generally, they look so itty bitty, especially in Dads hands/arms! These moments are so lovely because baby changes so fast, even within the first week or two.

Fresh 48

This session was special in so many ways. At end the session, we did something I’d never done before. Big brother Mason asked to do some skin to skin poses with his brand new little sister. He was hesitant throughout the session but decided in the end to document the moment. I so glad he did because those moments were truly beautiful and will be such a sweet memory to relive through the portraits.

Fresh 48 Session

Being able to capture Nylah in this Fresh 48 Session was a dream. She was so sweet and it was clear just how excited and happy the entire family was to welcome a new member to their family.

Fresh 48 Sessions are captured between the first 24-48 hours in a very small number of select local southern Ontario hospitals (please inquire for more details).

Fresh 48 Session HamiltonFresh 48

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