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Guelph Newborn Family Photography

First Newborn Lifestyle Session of 2019 and it couldn’t have started with a cuter little babe, Clarkson Michael George!

I met Clark when he was a sweet little bump at Alyssa and Matthew’s In-Studio Maternity Session in Guelph.

When I arrived their dog Cooper greeted me at the door. He was very excited to show me his baby brother.

It’s always exciting to see parents first baby, their fur baby and how that transitions to them welcoming their human baby!

Cooper was very eager to be a part of every portrait and was ready for his close-up!

Guelph Newborn Family Photography

Getting back together with them for their Newborn Lifestyle Session was like meeting up with old friends!

They are such a sweet couple! Clark is very lucky to have them as parents.

Guelph Newborn Family Photography

I couldn’t resist capturing the simplicity and stillness of the moment.

Clark was the most precious, sweetest newborn!

He was a dream to capture. He snoozed for most of the session and enjoyed his swaddle.

Guelph Newborn Family Photography

How precious is the look of love he is giving him?

Portraits with Dad always melt my heart.

It’s very easy to capture joy and love in these sessions because it’s almost impossible for Mom and Dad not to smile at their beautiful creation.

Clark was just so easy going! He had the most beautiful skin and the cutest little blonde hair; just a dream to capture!

Guelph Newborn Family Photography

From the moment I stepped into this family’s home I was smitten with their neutral decor.

It was a dream to capture this session in their space and the nursery they lovingly decorated for Clark.

All the neutrals, greys, whites, creams and natural light were the perfect backdrop for our session with this new family of three!

Guelph Newborn Family Photography

“Who knew that such

small feet could leave

such big imprints

on your heart.”


Guelph Newborn Family Photography

A big Thank you to Alyssa and Matthew for welcoming me into their home to capture their growing family!

Welcome to the World, Clark!

Guelph Newborn Family Photography

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