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I am seriously not sure why I have not blogged and shared this BEAUTIFUL family and their Lifestyle Newborn session before today. Staying up to date on blogging in 2016 is top on my list of resolutions.. This family is so beautiful, I can’t wait for you to take a peek through their session and read a little about Tristan’s entrance into the world as honestly written and described by Mom/Kate.

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When our first son was born we planned a home birth and it all went to plan so perfectly, we couldn’t have asked for a better labour and delivery. So, of course, for our second son, we planned another amazing home birth.

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Well, our home birth plan didn’t really go to plan. In fact, the whole thing kind of went to heck on Thursday, April 9th when I had my 41wk and 4day ultrasound. My fluid levels were showing as low so I had to go to the hospital to be assessed by an OB. It was crazy emotional as it wasn’t at all what I’d planned or wanted. But at that moment, the safety of my baby was all that really mattered. So to the hospital we went.

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I was assessed around 6:15pm and the Dr. had my midwife give me Cervadil to try and get me into labour without Pitocin. At that point we were admitted and had to stay overnight. So my husband went home to get more stuff and then went out to get food (we really never had it in our heads that we’d actually have to stay – we were wrong) and then we attempted to “settle in”. Overnight really really sucked as neither of us got any sleep – settling into a hospital setting really isn’t something I’m good at.

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When there was still not much happening with the Cervadil Friday morning it was removed and the OB broke my water to get things moving that way. I requested another ultrasound at that point to recheck the fluid levels to see if they were still low. They were, so the induction process continued. After 2 hrs of having my water broken and walking around/bouncing on a yoga ball I was getting a few contractions here and there but no real progression and the baby needed to get moving it seemed. So by 1:30pm they started the pitocin drip. Pitocin is a mean, mean drug. I now know why people who are induced end up getting epidurals.

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Having gone into labour naturally with my first baby I was clueless. If I honestly knew how much more painful chemically induced contractions would be, I totally would have had an epidural. They were brutal. But I didn’t! By about 3:30/4pm the pitocin drip was up to a decent amount and the contractions were coming fast and furious. I spent just under 2 hrs in active labour, and our “little” angel Tristan Theo was born at 5:58pm on Friday, April 10th (my birthday) weighing in at 9lbs 15oz.
He just wanted to share his birthday with his mommy! 🙂

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Thank you SO MUCH V Family for choosing me to document this moment in time for your family and for Tristan <3

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