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It is always an honour to capture family milestones at our studio newborn sessions.

Being able to see them grow and capture those precious moments in life is just the greatest experience and it makes me so happy!

studio newborn photography

For this In Studio Newborn Session, I captured portraits of baby Oliver and his family.

He is the second babe for this lovely family. I was beyond excited when Erin contacted me to let me know she was expecting. 

mom kissing newbornparents holding newborn

With In Studio Newborn Sessions, families will visit the studio at approx 14 days post delivery and have access to our studio wardrobe for moms.

As with our In Home Newborn Sessions, the session prep, planning and details are all included in the package.

The studio sessions are generally captured with natural light and our neutral coloured elements. 

Our wardrobe has a large range of sizes, silhouettes and lengths all generally in neutral tones to ensure they are consistent with the soft neutrals of the studio. On the day of the session I have the selected dresses pulled, ironed and steamed, ready to go and one or both outfits can be used within the session to offer variety.

red haired mom holding baby

For Erin, she was captured in two different dresses. The colours complimented her beautiful hair so well and it really fit well in the studio’s neutral decor. Having captured previous sessions for Bennett, I was so excited to have Erin in front of the lens this time!

Just as with our in Home Sessions, I like to start with family portraits.

In our studio, we have a cozy bed set up that is the perfect spot to capture those cuddly moments with the whole family. Next, I love to capture portraits of baby, generally in our studio crib and in your arms.

This allows me to get those perfect little details up close while they are swaddled. 

I highly recommend a Studio Newborn Session for families welcoming their first or second baby.

studio newborn photography

At this session, I was just so excited to see big brother Bennett interact with his new baby brother.

He was so curious and intrigued with the whole process and was eager to snuggle. I always let the siblings decide if they want to be in portraits and never pressure them to be in a portrait they do not want to be in. These moments are natural and organic, never forced. 

When Bennett had his time with Oliver it just melted my heart.

He snuggled right up to his little brother and his smile was so precious. 

From there, I captured portraits of Erin and Tyler with Oliver. These are always such beautiful moments to witness and capture. I was excited to capture those moments between Erin and Oliver as I know those memories were going to be cherished forever.

They truly are so incredibly special!


Following our session, I was in love with their entire gallery. They are such a beautiful, sweet family and I am so honoured to have been able to capture yet another milestone session for them all!

For both In Home and Studio Newborn Photography sessions, it is best to book them within the second trimester to ensure availability as I have limited spots open each month.

I would love to connect with your Family and discuss your Newborn session.

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