Declan: Kitchener Paint Smash

I was so excited for little Declan’s Paint Smash!
I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Declan and his family several times over the last 2 years and I had yet to really win him over – but I was sure that this session would be right up his alley.
What little boy doesn’t love getting messy and painting with no rules?

Declan arrived ready, chatty, HAPPY and excited!

jazz hands from little blonde birthday boy

His mom brought him the cutest little painter’s outfit. (On a side note, his amazing mom drove from out of town to the studio, walked up 3 flights of stairs – 39 weeks pregnant with her 3rd little baby! She is a ROCKSTAR!)

His mom and I were both expecting him to dive right in and start going painting crazy but to our surprise he started with very delicate and soft brush strokes, choosing his colours very carefully and deliberately while he started his paint smash canvas masterpiece.
He was a little unsure at first when he got the paint on his hands but with lots of encouragement and approval, he quickly understand that all was good and painting everywhere was encouraged.
paint smash session yellow brick road photography kitchenerbirthday boy unsure of getting messy during his sessionblonde little boy painting on white backdropcollage of paint smash studio session  in kitchenerlittle birthday boy with painted toeslittle blonde boy rubbing his feet in the paint during his paint smash session

His mom and I had so much fun watching this happy little guy paint with the biggest smile and I’m pretty sure I won him over and I even got a little kiss, hugs and high fives to boot!
Such a great session!

yellow brick road photography paint smash session kitchener

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