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The amazing sunshine and warm weather is back for our Family Photography!

Here at Yellow Brick Road we have several Spring Family Sessions and clients patiently waiting to capture their postponed sessions and I’m so so happy for their kindness and understanding during this time!

We are back and I think the sun also came to share in the excitement.

With that being said our 2020 Outdoor Family Sessions are ALMOST fully reserved for this season.

We have SIX Outdoor Evening Family Session dates remaining for 2020. (See below for dates)

While we are talking about sessions – how gorgeous is this Family? They have been dear clients since sweet A was in mom’s tummy.

(Since capturing this session last Summer they have welcomed another love bug I had the pleasure of capturing, Mr J!)

Family Photography Guelph Session

Waterfront sessions have my heart! There is something about the sunset over the water.

It instantly makes you forget that it was snowing only two months ago 🙂

Family Photography Guelph Session

Avery loved the freedom of the beach and was full of smiles throughout our session.

Family Photography Guelph Session

Parents are often concerned about the timing of the session happening close to bedtime.

During the session your little one is so interested in the new areas, the new sights, my crazy antics that they forget that bedtime is creeping up.

We will tucker them out and I’ve heard that they are usually asleep before the car makes it to the main road.

Family Photography Guelph Session

Thank you Caitlin and Ben for always being such a lovely Family to capture (and for making the most perfect babes!)

I’d love to see your family this season as well! Don’t miss out on one of our last Outdoor Evening Family Session dates:

July 20 – Guelph

July 22 – Lake Huron

Aug 13 – Guelph

Aug 18 – Lake Huron

Sept 9 – Guelph

Sept 10 – Guelph

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