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Fergus Cake Smash | Birthday Lifestyle Photography

Moments captured during special times in your little ones life are the most precious memories.

Families should capture this special time even if they are unsure about how their little one will react to the new space, the studio and being captured on camera by someone other than mom and dad.

I will make sure that we find moments of connection.

No matter if the little one is smiling the whole time the memories are way to cute not to capture!

Fergus Cake Smash

Chloe’s Birthday Cake Smash Session was just captured at the beginning of January!

We started with the bed-up before diving into the cake! Chloe was loving camera while playing with the organic wooden toys!

She was enjoying the camera and all the noises mom and I were making behind the scenes.

Fergus Cake Smash

“Let me love you a little more before you’re not little anymore.”


Fergus Cake Smash

Chloe was a little unsure of the cake and what to do with it.

Even a crying photo is a cute memory to have and look back on. It’s a photo that the entire family will enjoy in the future!

Fergus Cake Smash

We did get a little smile at the end and she did have lots of fun throughout the whole session!

Bonus, because Chloe didn’t want to eat the cake, her family got to take home the cake lovingly made by Mary at The Cake Engineer!

Fergus Cake Smash

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Fergus Cake Smash

We like to capture the sessions at 11 months, so be sure to inquire early.

Fergus Cake Smash

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