The Top 5 Reasons to Reserve a Fresh 48 Newborn Session

5 Reasons to Reserve a Fresh 48 Newborn Session

To all Moms-to-be out there preparing for your new baby to come can be a difficult task (trust me I know) but one of the best-kept secrets I can share with you is a little something called a Fresh 48 Session.

A Fresh 48 Session is a pre-planned visit from a photographer up to forty-eight hours after your baby has arrived. The purpose is to capture your first moments of bonding at the hospital without any distractions. Couples are jumping at this clever new concept, many see it as a way to ensure long-lasting memories without any added stress. If the words stress-free aren’t convincing enough here are the top five reasons why all expecting mothers should stop what they’re doing and book a Fresh 48 Session.

Fresh 48 Newborn

Here are the top 5 Reasons to reserve your Fresh 48 Newborn Session:
#1 Better than any iPhone

Although that new iPhone 7 you just got claims to have the best camera of any smartphone I hate to break it to you but it just won’t compare to the lens of a professional photographer their eye for lighting and angles accompanied by a camera that blows any smartphone out of the water just doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to making sure your baby’s first photos are perfect.

fresh 48 newborn

#2 Hospital Time is a Blur

One thing you constantly hear from new moms is that their stay of the hospital is a blur. Everything is moving so fast that there isn’t any time to stop and take in what is going on from the visitors to the doctors it is hard to take everything in. A Fresh 48 Session aids in helping you stop and take in this little miracle that you just amazingly brought into the world.

#3 Your Partner is No Professional Photographer

You might be saying to yourself “my husband will look after the photos, he will have time” but from my experience when push  comes to shove and you are both caught up in the moment and overwhelmed with all the other things you need to now think of with this new bundle of joy, taking pictures is often overlooked and if there are some taken majority of them are out of focus or include a few thumbs over the lens.

Newborn Fresh 48

#4 The Calm Before the Storm

For many moms-to-be, while being pregnant you are still expected to answer to your everyday responsibilities and that can be stressful. Now add a newborn into that mix and you’ve gone from stressful to terrifying. Your time in the hospital is the calm before the storm and I encourage you to enjoy every moment of that. A Fresh 48 session allows you to remember that time and give you focus on what is important – your newborn baby!

Newborn with sister fresh 48

#5 Start the Memories off Right

As a mom, I know how important it is to bind with your children and create long-lasting positive memories for them. This is something that you want to do right from the start and a Fresh 48 Session does just that, it begins a new archive of memories not only for your children but for yourself too.

Book your Fresh 48 Session today and ensure that your bonding with your newborn baby is documented for years to come.

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