Milton Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Milton Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

This Newborn Lifestyle Session was captured in early June last year.

This little one has already grown so much but, I couldn’t help sharing one of my favourite newborn sessions.
Milton Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting Kelsey and Brennan when Tessa was a still a baby bump last Spring when they came into the studio for a Maternity Session.

When they came in for their Maternity Session I really enjoyed the session! We had such a great time together with lots of laughs.

Kelsey and Brennan were very down to earth and fun to capture!

Sometimes families think they will feel uncomfortable in front of the camera but, it’s all about having fun!

Kelsey and Brennan did such a great job and they were very real. It shone through in their maternity portraits. You can see here on Instagram!

Milton Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Getting back together with them for their Newborn Session was like meeting up with old friends!

They are such a sweet couple! Tessa is very lucky to have them as parents.

When I met Tessa she was beautiful, just absolutely perfect.

Milton Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Kelsey and Brennan put so much love, time and care into planning her nursery.

It was beautifully styled with natural and neutral colours.

It was very calming and bright; a dream to capture as the background for the session.

It was actually one of my favourite nurseries that I’ve captured.

They also did a beautiful job on their bedroom decor.

The decor just fit the style so perfectly! The bedding being so neutral it was easy to focus on Baby Tessa.

Milton Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Their first Fur baby Cooper, did steal the show in some of the portraits.

How could you not love him? He is just adorable!

From the portraits you wouldn’t know that poor Copper just had surgery.

But, he was not about to miss being in portraits with his new baby sister! You can see the eagerness of Copper, he just wants to kiss her!

Milton Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

When it came time to capture Mom and Dad individually with Tessa, each one of them was beaming with love!

They were full of love, joy and excitement!


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