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I travelled to London, Ontario (London Lifestyle Newborn Photography) to capture portraits of the cutest little newborn – Violet. I capture In Home sessions for families located anywhere from London, ON to just outside of Toronto, ON*

When I arrived, I was greeted by Violet’s parents, Sarah and Mark. Sarah’s lovely sister had introduced her to my work through instagram and said she was so moved by my portraits. (Which is humbling to hear.) After seeing my portraits, she reached out to book the session and we both could not wait to work together! 

Sarah and Mark were eager to have this session documented as Violet is their first sweet babe. It is so special to be asked to capture portraits for first time parents! 

London Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Mark and Sarah’s absolutely stunning home made the perfect backdrop for the portraits. When asked about wardrobe selection, I always encourage families to dress in neutral tones. This ensures their clothing does not distract from baby. I also suggest that clients dress for their home so when we plan their wall art and keepsakes, they fit within their home decor style.

London Lifestyle Newborn sessionLondon Lifestyle Newborn

Before we proceed with the portraits, I like to make sure baby is fed, changed and ready to go. I then swaddle the baby with a swaddle I provide from my studio, babies are nice and cozy during our sessions. Generally, babies are quite sleepy and parents are always so surprised at how small the baby is when they are all wrapped up and cozy. At this point they usually fall asleep quickly (I like to consider myself a baby whisperer of sorts and have a few tricks up my sleeve that parents love to learn. Sometimes, they buy the tools I use online before I leave 🙂 ).

London Lifestyle Newborn London Lifestyle Newborn Photography

For this session, we began in the master bedroom with family portraits. I prefer spaces like the master bedroom for family portraits as they generally have great lighting and make for a more cozy atmosphere. Sarah and Mark’s bedroom was a lovely pale blue, so their neutral toned clothing went perfectly in the space!

Next, we moved into Violet’s room which was so beautifully designed and thoughtfully put together. There were stunning pieces from Restoration Hardware and the sweetest wall decals that were lovingly applied by dad. I really like to capture baby in their own personal space during these sessions.

London Lifestyle Newborn PhotographyLifestyle Newborn  London Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Finally, we captured portraits of Violet with each of her parents separately. This was such a beautiful moment in the session as both Sarah and Mark were teary eyed and in love watching each other with their sweet Violet. They were truly soaking in those precious moments.

It really is a dream to capture first time parents with their newborn. These portraits are a great reminder of a special time for Violet and her parents.

*(Travel fees may apply depending on city and distance) 

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London Lifestyle Newborn PhotographyLondon Lifestyle Newborn PhotographyLondon Lifestyle Newborn Photography | In home session

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