Twins Cake Smash | First Birthday Celebration

We celebrated these sweet Twins cake smash recently at the studio, couldn’t help but share moments of adorableness.

twins cake smash

Let me tell you how cute it was to watch their bond.

Mr J admires his sister so much, you could see it in the way he looked at her.

twins cake smash

Without a doubt these two will share many secrets, funny stories, inside jokes and so so many more fun memories to come.

It was such a honour to capture this big first milestone at our studio.

twins kissing

I can’t decide which moment is my favourite! Which is yours?

twins together

I learned during the session that Mr J. is the strong silence type <3 and he just loved the icing on their Cake Engineer cakes.

When Miss B needed a quick little break during the session, J was quite content to keep working away on his (and sometimes B’s) cake.

brother twin

He also may have learned a new trick recently, which might be my new favourite portrait 🙂 <3

twins cake smash

I always wonder what the little ones are thinking during the session and even more so when these two cuties were looking at each other.

Do you think they were saying how much they loved cake?

Or how cool they thought the idea of getting to eat as much cake and icing as they wanted is?

Or maybe they were coming up with a plan on how they could steal their sibling’s cake!

birthday session for twins

After the session I love seeing this scene:

Cakes – well loved.

Cheerio explosions.

Little ones going in for more.

twins cake smash

J & B’s parents were lucky enough to have some left over cake to take home as well after their twins cake smash.

Is it almost time to celebrate your little ones first birthday as well?

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These sessions are best reserved 3-5 months in advance to ensure availability as we only capture a few birthday sessions a month.


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